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Music has always been an important thing for me. I've got no musical talent to speak off, and I'm not even sure I am good at writing about it, but one of the best perks to my time with the Copenhagen Post was the opportunity to talk to a few bands and see a whole lot of good shows.


Russian Circles: Hard to define, harder to ignore

“Explaining what your band sounds like is similar to explaining what you’re like as a person - you can easily sound like a jerk,” Russian Circles guitarist Mike Sullivan told me ahead of their July 2011 co-headling Copenhagen concert with Japenese rockers Boris.

I spoke with Sullivan about fans' seeming need to classify music and asked him what to expect of the band's soon-to-be-released fourth album, Empros. READ MORE

Following accident, Baroness return stronger than ever

A lot changed for American metal act Baroness between their last visit to Copenhagen in August 2012 and Saturday night’s triumphant return.

For starters, the band suffered a tragic bus accident just a week after last year’s show. The Baroness tour bus drove off the road near Bath, England and plunged ten metres to the ground, seriously injuring everyone on board and putting the band’s entire career in jeopardy.  READ MORE

Bruce transcends time and place in historic Roskilde performance

It was more than a bit surreal to find myself, just three days after a lonely 4th of July spent away from home and on what happened to be my father’s 60th birthday, to be belting out ‘Born in the USA’ amongst a sea of over 60,000 Europeans.

Yet, there I was, and for three beautiful hours I wouldn’t wanted to have been anywhere else. READ MORE

Up close and personal with the Mastodon beast

In a two-hour show featuring career-spanning tracks, a simple but effective light show set against a giant menacing Hunter background, and boundless energy, Mastodon put on a concert that was loud, fast, hard and crazy – in other words, just what the crowd wanted.

Showcasing nine of The Hunter'’s thirteen songs, this was in many ways a much different concert than the band’s 2011 Roskilde set. And though the band more than held their own on the Orange Stage, Monday night's concert proved that the best way to feel the brute strength of Mastodon is in closer quarters. READ MORE

Rockin' the burbs with Arcade Fire

Can a band whose latest album debuted at number one on the US, UK, and Canadian charts (number two in Denmark), won a Grammy for album of the year, and led to a collaboration with superstar director Spike Jonze still be called ‘indie’?

While Arcade Fire’s success with last year’s The Suburbs may have led to the group outgrowing its indie label, the Canadian have has pulled off the rare feat of maintaining their credibility and position as the darlings of music critics and aficionados while simultaneously selling boatloads of albums and selling out arenas worldwide. READ MORE

Mourning and dreaming with Brother Ali

In what seems like a lifetime ago, I was a huge hip-hop fan. But as time went on, I drifted away and there remained only a very small handful of artists that I even bothered keeping tabs on.

Brother Ali is one of those artists. But that he – along with his Rhymesayers labelmates Atmosphere – still holds my interest is not surprising, for Brother Ali is anything but a normal rapper. READ MORE

Metallica make Roskilde their own

Playing their only concert in Europe this summer, Metallica pounded through a two-hour set that highlighted the strength of the band's thirty year career.

Opening with 'Blackened', 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' and 'Disposable Heroes', it was clear that the band was there to deliver for both longtime die-hard fans and those who had just curiously come to see the monster. The band was clearly excited to be back at Roskilde after a ten-year absence and their energy belied their advanced years.  READ MORE

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