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I have recorded various educational voice-overs for use in Danish public schools.

School children in Denmark listen to me read texts about graffiti, skateboarding and the American Civil War. Pretty cool, right?

Education publishing company Alinea has used me to record various texts for use in the nation's primary schools.

I still cringe a bit at the sound of my voice, but if you are looking for a native English speaker with a flat Midwestern accent to read your texts, I'm your guy. Of course, if you'd like some help editing and writing the material, I can do that too.

In the selected texts below, I talk about slavery and the Civil War, the origins of skateboarding, the power of graffiti, Barack Obama and hip-hop.

In this text from 'Focus on Black America' (2012), I read about the history of slavery, including Denmark's two-century involvement, and even attempt a (admittedly pretty bad) Southern accent.

In this text, I recite part of 'A More Perfect Union', Barack Obama's 2008 speech on race delivered in Philadelphia in response to the Jeremiah Write controversy. In his historic speech, the president addresses race in a straight-forward manner and reminded Americans that "in no other country on earth is my story even possible".

Below I read about the immense influence African-Americans have had on popular music, recite part of Michael Jackson's 'Black or White' and give probably the whitest rendition ever of Tupac's 'Dear Momma'.

In another 'Focus on Black America' track, I read a text about the American Civil War:

In this text, I read about the origins of skateboarding:

Next, I recite the foreword of famed street artist Banksy's book, 'Wall and Piece':

If you'd like to hear more, there are a handful of additional tracks over on SoundCloud.

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