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A new and improved Copenhagen Post

When I joined The Copenhagen Post in October 2010, I harbored a not-so-secret desire to change the look of the paper. I felt the old design – which hadn't changed much since the very first issue back in February 1998 – was in desperate need of refreshment.

Shortly after starting the job, I started working on a redesign that would give The Post a facelift while remaining recognizable to readers. After working on the redesign in the background for a couple months, the first new-look issue came out in August 2011.

Featuring larger, bolder images and a more airy and less boxy design, the new format provided a vehicle for my vision of a newspaper that would increase its focus on in-depth, original reporting and opinion.

Readers' feedback to the redesign was largely positive, with several thanking us for no longer needing a magnifying glass to read parts of the paper.

The Copenhagen Post kept the redesigned look until March 2014 when it scaled back its size to an A4 format following my departure.

Among the features of the redesign was a Week in Review feature that gave readers a quick overview of the week that was, using large images and incorporating elements from The Copenhagen Post's website and archives.

With the new-look Copenhagen Post (above), I tried to incorporate bigger, bolder images, more color and a bit more white space. While it stayed true to the original look (below), it also breathed new life into a newspaper that had pretty much looked the same since the very first issue some 15 years prior.

Another major change was the introduction of a roster of opinion columnists (myself included) that helped give the Post a more unique voice.

Prior to the redesign, The Copenhagen Post adhered to a rigid and boxy format. I tried to change that by introducing double spreads and not being afraid to occasionally play with Photoshop.

All told, I put together 169 issues of The Copenhagen Post from October 2010 - February 2014.

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